Meet The Team

These are the faces that are responsible for the day-to-day operations at Bitlogix.

Executive Profiles

Henry Kon


Chief Executive OFficer

For Henry, Bitlogix is essentially his child. Having been active in the IT sector for over 4 years, he’s had the privilege of working with numerous different technologies within many fields including web development, mobile systems development, desktop application development, desktop/client support and systems administration. His experience as a leader, worker, and volunteer have given him ample experience in project management and team leadership. Henry loves the arts, especially band and technical theatre, and when he’s not working on tasks within Bitlogix, he’s either immersing himself in the arts, reading a good book, or flying on a flight simulator.

Obi Onyemaobi

Senior Executive Vice President


Obi has been an executive for the past 4 years, weaving in and out of the minds of some of the most connected and respected individuals in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Obi is also an avid flight simulation enthusiast, and life-long volunteer; having served on numerous committees and organizations on his spare time. Bitlogix is a paramount to his technology background, as this is one of the passions that he has held for many years. His plans for success, and for the company have made Bitlogix where it is today. Bitlogix Technologies is a perfect example of his personal motto that he lives by: Do what you love, love what you do as the passion for the things you do comes from within.

Andrew Nasson

Executive Vice President

Information Technology

Andrew has been well versed in technology since age 10, learning under brilliant and established programming and technical minds from the likes of Stack Overflow, Loveland Innovations, and ESPN. Among Andrew's many hobbies, he enjoys Technical Theater with a focus on lighting and sound, and all things flight simulation. Being Vice President of Information Technology, Andrew oversees every technical aspect of Bitlogix Technologies. From web hosting to internal service monitoring with a background in video and content delivery, it's Andrew's job to make sure that clients have reliability and speed at the heart of their experience.

Ethan Ross

Senior Vice President

Human Resources

As the Vice President of Human Resources, Ethan Ross is responsible for ensuring smooth employment of every current and future employee with Bitlogix Technologies. Ethan prides himself in helping others through his kind, professional, and outgoing personality. This, combined with his other numerous skills and abilities, allows Ethan to deliver a quality experience for our employees here at Bitlogix.

Austin Berlenbach

Vice President

Hardware Engineering

As the Vice President of Hardware Engineering here in Raleigh, Austin is in charge of keeping track of all hardware owned by Bitlogix Technologies. This includes overseeing all assets, keeping inventory, receiving hardware from different regions where employees of Bitlogix reside, distributing hardware to said regions when and servicing hardware. Austin makes sure everything is up-to-date with keeping track of hardware and delivering fast service when needed.